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Fitness Bootcamp - Can you Handle It?

You’ve seen the movies where new soldiers are put to work in a fitness boot camp and can barely make it through. So, why would anyone want to put themselves through something like that? Because it works. If you’ve tried anything to lose weight or have hit a plateau in your current fitness routine, consider a boot camp training option.

While they would never promise to be easy, and may not have as intimidating drill sergeants as the movies, boot camp exercise courses and trainers are designed to whip you into shape. You should definitely contact your doctor before you start an extreme fitness program such as this. There are many different types of boot camps that you can sign up for, for people from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a muscular and in-shape to sign up for these classes.

What does boot camp training entail?

Fitness boot camp will depend on the teacher and the class. There are courses for brides, women, children, teens, and all other types of people. There are classes for beginners, for advanced athletes, and even for veterans. The teachers are generally not screaming sergeants, but you can find those classes if you think the yelling will motivate you better.

The training will usually consist of a warm up, strength training, cardiovascular workouts, and then cool downs. They can last any amount of time and what days of the week they’re offered varies. Some run one month and some can even run for eight weeks or more. Boot camp requires teamwork, so the amount of people in the class is usually small, to better foster a sense of community.

What are the benefits of fitness boot camp?

Of course, there are many health benefits for taking a fitness boot camp class. You will increase your stamina, burn fat, and help to get yourself into shape by pushing body to its limits. The difficult workouts will test your boundaries and ultimately improve your flexibility and mobility. You might find that after a boot camp class you want to take other classes or become involved in a sport you previously found too hard for you.

Boot camp courses also offer a physical release for stress and anger in many of the participants. Some success stories come from people who have experienced a loss in their life; by using the boot camp classes, they were able to release their frustrations physically and it helped them mentally. The teamwork aspect the classes provide inspires and uplifts many people who thought they were incapable of some of the aspects of the classes. You will also learn new and effective exercises that you won’t see on your television or in your normal workout routines.

Why choose a boot camp class?

Before you decide that a fitness boot camp class is right for you, you should think about your overall fitness goals. Are you trying to lose weight quickly or for a specific event coming up? If so, boot camp classes might be a great way to boost your metabolism and burn calories. Maybe you’re training for a specific event or sport, and you need the extra boost in your workout routine.

If you’re someone who is easily reduced by criticism, boot camp classes may not be right for you. You might need to specifically research one that uses a positive and uplifting instructor to teach the ins and outs of the course. If you want to be worked hard and the yelling will only pump you up, find a traditional boot camp course. A boot camp is designed to push, push, push you, and if you don’t think that you’ll be able to handle this and welcome it as a challenge, you probably shouldn’t sign up.

Before you sign up

Make sure you can participate in the fitness boot camp classes, that is, make sure that your schedule coincides with the classes. If you even miss one class of boot camp training, you’ll be so far behind physically that it will be hard to catch up. Some classes even have a graduation ceremony, and they might not let you participate if you miss a certain number of the classes.

Boot camps often try out your fitness during the first fitness boot camp class. This can be in the form of many different tests that push your limits and show your instructor what you’re physically capable of. If you have had problems with health or injuries in the past, it’s important to see your doctor before you enroll in the classes. He can tell you what types of classes you should be signing up for, as well as give you instructions to give to your teacher concerning any preexisting health issues.

Can you handle it?

Fitness boot camp is a big commitment for anyone, and requires more time and effort than your can imagine. The only person that can answer the question of whether or not you can handle it is you.
No one else can tell you if you have what it takes to make it through the entire course, although your doctor or instructor can give you advice on how you can keep from injuring yourself.

If you start a fitness boot camp class, make sure you give it a fair chance. Don’t give up after the first day of the class. Let your fellow boot campers support you and help to motivate you as you get through the tough stuff. Hopefully, the change you

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